Facebook has become the place to go. It gets over a billion hits on a single day, even hour. But what if this place to go has become an obsession for your boyfriend or girlfriend?

Before you answer this, think about a few of these statements for just a second:

  • Does he or she spend pretty much every hour looking at the screen.
  • When given the chance to spend time with you, does he or she choose to spend time on Facebook
  • When he or she needs to communicate with you, do they choose to do it through Facebook.

There are all simple statements, but hold very profound implications. Now many over the years have professed to me that they are addicted to Facebook. They spend way to many hours of the day connected. Well, what if one of those people happens to be your boyfriend or girlfriend?

addicted to Facebook

Are you addicted to Facebook? Is your partner addicted to Facebook?
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What happens if he or she is already a gamer and they find a new game to occupy their time? When you are in a relationship you are need to spend quality time with one another. By quality time I don’t mean by just having sex. Because there is only so many times that you can hit the sheets, before you get bored and what to have more options. What if you want to have a real communication with your partner and all they can do is have a communication in Facebook copy?

Unfortunately, in today’s world, our technology has enable lazy people to become even lazier. So instead of having a real communication with your partner, you either need to send them a text or go online to talk to them. So what can you do?

Is your partner addicted to Facebook?

Well, first and foremost, communication is the key. Talk to your partner and let him or her know how you feel. Sit them down and look them in the eyes. Send them the direct approach. Be friendly and kind when you give them the message, but look them in the eyes.

If he or she promises to make a change, than see that they are making good on their word. Give them a chance. But if nothing seems to be getting any better than I would start to think about what you are still doing there. If things don’t get any better, and more to the point…get worse, than consider leaving as a viable option.

It may wake them up, then again, it may not. But your self-respect is worth so much more. Remember, he shouldn’t have to make a choice between you and the online. But if he does, than make sure that you don’t lose your dignity in the same process. Get out, before you are pushed out.

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