Massachusetts Colleges: Popular Colleges in Boston

Are you looking to go to college in Boston? Boston is a big area with a lot of schools, universities and college to look into. I’ve listed a few places for people looking for higher education in the Boston area.

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Below you’ll find the college, how big it is and also a few things about this Massachusetts college and business city.

Colleges in Boston:

Boston College

Boston College is on the smaller scale with 14,621 students. The college was founded in 1863. Do you want to look at the campus right now? You can. Click  on the link to take a look out of some college campus web cams. Take a peek at five spots on Boston College’s campus. Also, here’s a complete list of the college majors undergraduates can take. There are majors from linguistics to Slavic studies to nursing and corporate reporting and analysis.

Boston University

Boston University is the largest schools of the ones I’ve listed with 31,766 enrolled students. Founded in 1839, Boston University offers a lot of major and minors to interested students. Find a list of degrees offered at Boston University here. You can look at some other things BU has for its students here, for example, social clubs, art and tailgates.

Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the most recognizable schools on my list of colleges in Boston. The private Ivy League school holds 25,690 students and was founded in 1636. Learn which degrees the university offers here. Harvard University is difficult to get into, but with high hopes, high grades and a lot of time looking into the school, the more likely you’ll be accepted into the prestigious college.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, also known as MIT, holds 10,229 students. Founded in 1861, is recognized for its engineering and science programs. For its 2016 graduating class, the very selective school accepted only 8.95 percent of all applicants. Click here to find some other opportunities at the research college.

Northeastern University

Northeastern, home of 24,434 students, lets undergraduate choose majors in 65 different departments. The school was founded in 1898. Would you like information on the college sent right to you? Click here and fill out the form to get some information mailed straight to your home. The school also likes to get students out of the classroom, learn about that part here.

Emerson College

This is the smallest college I have listed here with 4,536 students.  Founded in 1880, the school has a lot of student life opportunities. Students, faculty and alumni took the time to speak to the university about their experience in the Emerson Live section. Take a look at famous Emerson College alumni here, too.

Are there any colleges in Boson that I’ve overlooked? Anything you’d like to add to the universities above?

Tell us in the comments below.

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