It’s super easy to let the summer get the best of you.

It’s break time and you probably have nothing to do for a few weeks (maybe months?). Make your summer something of value. You don’t need to enroll (and pay) for a class to learn.

You can learn a language all by your bad self.

This is perfect to keep your skills intact for the next semester or to start from the ground up. Every employer wants someone who can speak multiple languages. Have you ever heard of someone say:

Duolingo app screenshot |Learn a language on your phone

Duolingo app screenshot |Learn a language on your phone

“I didn’t get the job because I spoke too many languages.” NO!

I have a few easy ways for you to learn a language over your break.

Some are free and others are a bit pricier.


I’ve tried this out myself. This app to help you learn a language is free. Yes, free. You learn how to speak a different language by playing a game on your phone app. So, it’s always with you even if you’re on the go. The app gives you little tests on the language you choose. You can start learning Spanish, French, Italian, German or Portuguese. Also, Duolingo’s blog is pretty sweet. The updates are kind of funny and you learn along the way, too. Did you know kummerspeck is German for overeating because you’re sad? How funny that we don’t have a concrete word for that, but know exactly where the Germans are going with it.

Rosetta Stone

This one costs some money, so let’s get that out of the way. For a desktop or online subscription you’re going to need to fork over $274. If you don’t want to pay the big bucks out of the gate, you can try Rosetta Stone with a free demo. Rosetta Stone helps you learn Spanish, French, Italian, German and even English! It’s very well-known because it works so well. There are also apps that go along with the program for yourself and also any kids you may know. Millions have used the program. Click here to figure out how their method works.


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Rosetta Stone logo | Learn a language now

Now, LiveMocha offers 35+ languages to learn to skyrocket you to monolingual status. This is more of a community-based approach. If you like learning in a class setting, this may be the right route for you. Did I mention LiveMocha is free? Yup. You’ll submit and also correct text and audio from your community. Lets say you’re working on your accent. Send in an audio clip of you reading something in your new language and natives will be on the other end to give you pointers and encouragement.

How would you learn a language? Would you use any of these options or do you have something else in mind?

Leave your suggestions in the comment section below.

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