Going #DigitallyDark With the Absolute LoJack Challenge

Have you ever had your phone, tablet, or laptop stolen? If so, then surely you can relate to the absolutely helpless feeling that consumes you once you are without your device. In this digitally connected age, it seems that wherever you look there is someone typing frantically at their computer, swiping through their cell phone, or kicking back watching a movie or reading on their tablet. Most children in high school have not been alive long enough to even know what a rotary dial phone is (talk about feeling old). If you have never had this feeling, then I am happy for you. However, the unfortunate statistical truth is that you will likely lose or have your device stolen at some point.

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My stolen smartphone story.

Just a few years ago, when I was still in college, I had my apartment broken in to early one Friday morning. I had been followed home after a night out. Living in a private building with secured entrances, the culprit must have followed me home, slid something in the door, and waited to come in to my apartment. While I was in the shower, I heard some noise out in the living room but thought nothing of it, thinking that perhaps my roommate woke up or had just returned home.

As I exited the bathroom, I stood dumbfounded as the burglar stood in the middle of my living room, staring back at me with as many of my electronics in his arms as he could carry. As he frantically ran out of the front door, I scanned the rest of the house for damage only to find that my laptop and cellular phone were among the items stolen. With four classes and finals coming up as well as (what I believed to be) a flourishing social life, I was devastated that I had lost my two primary means of communication. Not only was much of my work from the semester saved on my computer, but everyone from work contacts to acquaintances had their information stored in my phone, as well as social media and banking applications that remained permanently logged in.

Although I had insurance on the cell phone, I still had to pay a $150 deductible and wait nearly a week for the replacement to arrive. As far as the computer, I had not even had it a month and continued to pay off the financing for the next 6 months for an item I did not even have any more (in addition to having to purchase a new one). If only I had the Absolute LoJack software, this problem could have been avoided.

Going #DigitallyDark proved to be one of the most helpless feelings I had ever encountered.

Last year nearly 1.6 million smart phones were stolen with a mere 2% rate of recovery. College students are at a much higher risk, with theft being more prevalent on college campuses where devices are visible at every turn of the head. As the direct result of an unfortunate experience, I implore you not to put yourself in a situation where you will have to live #DigitallyDark.

Absolute LoJack is the only software recovery product that will guarantee to recover your device, or else they will give you $1000 dollars towards a replacement device. This theft recovery software has a proven track record of success when it comes to recovering stolen devices and keeping people from having to live #DigitallyDark.

How does Absolute LoJack work?

Absolute LoJack is a company that has partnered with over 6,700 law enforcement officials across the world who work diligently to help you find your stolen smartphone, laptop, or tablet. With ex-law enforcement officials on staff, Absolute LoJack has successfully recovered more than 30,000 devices.

The Absolute LoJack Challenge

Though I have unfortunately gone through the experience of going #DigitallyDark more times than I care to admit, Absolute LoJack challenged me to do so once more for 24 hours. I will be going without my smartphone for 24 hours, knowing full well that it will be much more difficult than it was during college, now that my responsibilities and use of my cell phone are actually imperative to my job and adult life. Stay tuned for the update on how it goes!

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Though I was compensated for this post, all opinions expressed on the Absolute LoJack product are my own.

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