D-Day: 10 Things You Need to Know From Seasoned Dissertation Writers


You have a dissertation to write, and at the same time you’re putting it off because it’s about the most painful thing you’ve ever done. We’ve all been there. We’ve all made the same mistakes. Unfortunately, most students will continue to fall down all by themselves and learn the hard way. But, you don’t have to. Learn from the veteran writers, so that your paper is ready on “D-Day.”

Swap Dissertation Supervisors

If you don’t like the supervisor that’s advising you, don’t be afraid to switch. If it’s early on in the process, and you haven’t gotten very far, and you have a good reason for it, you shouldn’t have a problem. Sometimes, you’re just not compatible with someone. Sometimes, you get the odd supervisor that’s not approachable, reliable, or there for you when you have a burning question. It happens. Don’t let it ruin your dissertation.

Don’t Tell Your Family And Friends

Telling you family and friends sounds like a good idea, but it’s not. They’re going to expect some epic paper, and you might be researching some obscure set of data from the 19th century. In fact, you might not make any Earth-shattering discoveries at all – at least none that mainstream folks would care about.

If They Ask You Questions, They Don’t Really Care

When people ask you follow-up questions about what you’re doing, they’re probably just being nice. Get used to it.

Don’t Ask Other Friends How Much Work They Have Completed

Some of your friends are going to use Custom Dissertation Writing Services by Ivory Research. If they are, they’re unlikely to tell you about it. In fact, they might be at least as nervous as you are – and this is only going to cause you to panic about being either way ahead of them or way behind them.

Don’t Panic At The Disco

You’re going to feel anxiety. Don’t let it get to you. You may get halfway through your dissertation writing only to discover another topic that interests you. You may want to start from scratch. Keep your eye on the prize and trust your initial judgment.

You Will Edit Out Most Of What You Write

You’re going to write a lot of stuff that won’t make the final cut. It’s OK. Some of that will go into the appendix, but most of it will get edited out completely. This is normal and nothing to fear. In general, you will have to know at least 10x as much as what will make it into your dissertation. This will demonstrate your mastery of the subject, so it’s not at all in vain.

You Will Go Through Reams Of Paper

You’re going to print a lot of paper. It will burn a hole in your wallet. Try to set aside an expense fund for paper. You’ll need it.

Your Dissertation Will Take Over Your Life

You will marry your dissertation. It’s entirely likely that it will take over your life for between 4 and 18 months.

Plan Everything

Plan every detail to the hour. Do not leave anything to chance. People who do end up panicking about deadlines.

You Will Collapse From Satisfaction When You’re Done

When it’s all done and turned in, you will feel a great weight lifted from your shoulders. This will be the greatest feeling in the world. Revel in it.

Jenny Wescott is an online tutor and has extensive experience helping graduates with their dissertations. Her articles mainly focus on research methods for dissertations.

photo credit: Kerri Lee Smith via photopin cc

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