College Budgeting

College Software Budgeting

Reliance on computers reserves software a seat on the bargain bandwagon.  Why pay more for needed supplies and software when you can cut costs with alternatives?  Get better at budgeting by downloading the following tips to your brain.

Use Coupons

Your grandmother sat at a table full of Sunday coupons, meticulously clipping and saving big on needed supplies.  Grandma was smart; you can follow her example.  However, if clipping at pages is not your thing, browse a number of online sites that offer coupons and savings.  Check SumoCoupon for deals related to software, home needs, etc.

Go to the Library

Most city libraries are suited with computer labs and digital resources available to the public.  Inquire within about computers fitted with particular software as well as digital tools that help do taxes, download recipes, or find plans to transform a basement into a bar.

Libraries are open during the workweek and weekends, most well into evening hours.  Why purchase software when you can use the library’s resources free?  Also, ask about software that you can take home rather than use at the library.

Don’t Believe the Hype

Software equals huge business for major brands, those with droves of followers and advocates.  Apple users won’t go near a PC and so on; it’s the user’s prerogative yet stripping away brand labels, you are often left with little differences in function.

For example, Windows has many fans, yet some admit using Linux software (similar to Windows and free) makes for a similar user experience.   Of course, each user is different and all are entitled to respective opinion.  But, don’t let the hype drive you to choose a name brand and big price tag over cheaper or free alternatives to software.

College Budgeting

College Software Budgeting

Write Reviews

The Web is a real-time entity with advocates and ‘haters’ who offer opinions throughout the day via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and brand-related sites.  Be one of them and take note of favorite suppliers of software, contacting PR or sales departments, inquiring about writing reviews.  Some brands are more than willing to provide ‘freebies’ in exchange for honest feedback.  Moreover, you could get your hands on not-yet released software and digital goodies!

Teach a Class

Software publishers sometimes issue ‘academic’versions of software destined for universities, local colleges, and high schools.  Speak with representatives of local institutions about teaching a class at the school or online using specific software.

Alternatively, ask publishers of software about different versions; alternative versions offer fewer bells and whistles yet cost less than half.

Buy Bundles

Sometimes buying more means paying less for individual software.  Consider purchasing a bundle or suite of tools from a specific manufacturer.  Alternatively, inquire about yearly or seasonal membership rates reserved for those who regularly use tools and brand software.

Buying in bulk costs more upfront, yet over time, you’re paying less per piece; it makes sense if you plan on evolving a business or personal project.  Consider sharing the cost with a nearby friend or coworker with similar personal and business needs.

Robert Howell’s IT skills are stretched and improved everyday in his career. After years of experience and a mind for technology, he enjoys blogging about all things IT for everyday users.

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