Pick the Perfect Sexy Outfit For Your College Christmas Party

The festive season is the time of goodwill, generosity, and completely outrageous parties! Christmas is on its way and that can only mean one thing: it’s dress-up time!

So, the Christmas party is just around the corner and you want to make an entrance in the ultimate sexy outfit. Not sure how to get the perfect look on your overstretched student budget? Here are some tips.

Create a sexy and glamorous look with lots of holiday sparkle

Create a sexy and glamorous look with lots of holiday sparkle.

It’s not just about the dress but the overall outfit. A simple short dress can look really eye-catching dressed up in the right glitter, sequins, accessories and makeup.

Short dresses are definitely in right now and there are plenty to choose from: power up your laptop and browse cheap sexy mini dresses; once you’ve got the dress, complete the look with clever accessorizing, including necklaces, bracelets, outrageous and vampy makeup and the hottest clutch bag.

A word of advice: despite the vast array of sequined and sparkling holiday dresses available in mall and outlet stores, avoid purchasing the cheapest embellished pieces; the sequins tend to fall off almost immediately, perhaps even in the cab on your way to the club, leaving you plain and glitterless. Instead, get your outfit to sparkle with a clever use of accessories.

Holiday color or classic black

It’s the holiday season, so bright, brassy colors are definitely a viable option. Opting to wear something in a seductive red color is especially appropriate at Christmastime and always turns heads, whatever the season. You could also consider hot pink or neon stripes or details, which are seriously trending this season. Alternatively, you could always stick with the familiar: black is a classic that can be worn with anything and has the advantage of highlighting other brighter tones.

When it comes to materials, opt for plush velvet or sheer, silky fabric that is sensuous to the touch; or for a real entrance, you could consider something that’s almost see through, lacy or gossamer-like.

Makeup and glitter

medium_2114479984Once you’ve chosen the outfit, don’t forget accessories and makeup. Remember that you don’t have to wear a glitter party dress as you can always add a festive touch to your sexy clubbing dress with golden or silver heels, dazzling jewelry, outrageous colored lipstick and nails or even glitter sprays – this is the one time of the year where you can really go overboard with it all.

Neon is super popular these days and looks great in a club setting as it glows in the dark environment. Why not try neon jewelry or even neon mascara and eyeshadow for a different effect that’s sure to get you noticed?

“What am I going to wear?” This can be one of the most pressing questions of the holiday party season, so plan ahead and don’t leave it until the last minute to come up with a show-stopping outfit.

Be creative and clever with accessories, and remember that looking stunning doesn’t have to leave you out of pocket.

photo credit: bookgrl via photopin cc
photo credit: alexbcthompson via photopin cc

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