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Studying for a test or exam in college can be tough. Sometimes it’s easy to focus on the questions at hand, because you don’t have much going on. Sometimes that focus becomes harder to manage, because you have other distractions flying in your face. So the answers to those possible test questions may not come as easily to you.

But I have mastered everything in class already

This is the statement that you could be saying to yourself right now. You took exceptional notes. You have aced all of the prep test questions ahead of time. All of the assignments in class up until now, including past tests, you have aced. So you might be thinking to yourself that this extra study time is not needed. This is a common misconception among college students. Don’t get swayed by this way of thinking. It will creep into your head when you least expect it. This statement will reassure you that everything is gold and that you are going to be okay. But you need to keep focused at all times.

How can you stay focused in college

The first thing you need to remember is to schedule your study habits during your most optimum times. Be sure that you are getting the best out of your brain. So schedule your test prep or your exam prep while your brain is fully functioning. Don’t schedule this around things like lunch and dinner breaks. You need to eat and keep your system fueled. So use meal time for meal time and study time for study time.

If staying focused during important exams is a problem for you, you may want to turn to nootropics. They can help you focus and stay awake when studying at night.

Stretch out your time

Schedule smaller study times. I have known a lot of students who pulled all-nighters and major cram sessions in hopes of acing a test. I used to do that when I first began college. It was one of the most idiotic things I did. So schedule small times of at least a half hour, but make sure it’s no more than two hours. If you feel yourself getting tired, take a break and maybe get some sleep. We all need sleep. Sleep is vital for our health. So when you are studying for those big tests and exams in college, be sure to schedule sleep time.

Study in friendly environments

Use natural lighting first of all. This helps your body to perform in at its optimum level. It will also increase your positive thinking and good mood. This type of environment will also help you to stay focused. If possible, try to study in the environment that the test or exam will be given in. This will give your body and mind a chance to adjust and know what to expect. It will also help to increase the positive flow of energy and productivity. If you are studying in this setting, it will encourage you and your friends to keep on going.

Some other things to keep in mind

Always eat a well-balanced diet. I know the normal activity is binging on junk food for studying and test finals. But use this time to increase your pro-activity. So eat sensibly. This will keep your body sustained and your energy level up. Try not to binge on coffee, if you can help it.  These 12-hour sessions on non-stop coffee will not help you in the long run.

The idea is to stay focused in college, while studying for various exams and finals. These methods also hold true to your normal, everyday homework as well.  By keeping even just a few of these in mind, it will guarantee you an A+.

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