20 Of The Best U.S. Business Schools For Social Life

I heard it preached to me all the time but never fully understood the importance until after I had graduated: “Network, network, network.”

It’s not about the grades you make, it’s about the hands you shake.

While this statement is not entirely true, it definitely makes sense to a degree. Have you ever wondered why so many college graduates remain jobless, even months after graduating? Those that are fortunate enough to get a job, more often than not, were put the ringer in the search process, interviewing and being denied multiple times before finally settling on something to pay the bills.

Those that did land their dream job likely succeeded in networking and adequately expanding their social circles while at school.

I cannot emphasize the importance of networking enough.

The infographic below illustrates 20 of the best business schools in the United States for social life. More than 70,000 students used a 10-point scale to rank their schools across multiple categories including academic competitiveness, cost of living, safety, social life, and workload. This information was then compiled by Graduateprograms.com to determine which business schools had the top ratings for social life.

best business schools for social life
20 Best Business Schools For Social Life/Photo via Business Insider

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