Some people need complete silence when studying.

Others, like me, need some awesome music playing to get my brain on the right track. I choose to call them study songs.

An important part to studying with music on is to be able to leave the music alone and focus on studying. I hate when I’m listening to some top jams and there’s a song that I hate that makes me stop what I’m doing, find the site out of the million tabs I have open and change the song.

I’ve tried a lot of different lists and songs and I’ve complied a few of the most perfect option for you to get the best studying done while listening to music.

Similar to Pandora: Songza

I am a huge fan of Songza. I use it all of the time. It’s sort of like Pandora but better. Here’s a playlist that has the best study songs with lyrics and here’s another group of lists without lyrics. Songza has never done me wrong and once you’re done whipping out those notes and cramming, you can keep your computer (or app) on Songza and switch playlists. They have categories for moods, activities, decades and culture. The activities are hilarious, for example, Grinding at a Nightclub, Unwinding After Work, or what I’m listening to right now—Twerk Tape.

Tell me what playlists you love in the comments below!

Vitamin String Quartet

Check out Vitamin String Quartet. It’s a group playing today’s top hits plus the oldies via string quartet covers. The group has put out more than 200 albums including genres that you love (rock, hip-hop, pop, techno, etc.) Take a look at this YouTube page that features a lot of the top hits from Vitamin String Quartet. These songs have no lyrics and can range from very fast to sleep-inducing music. Find a few or specific covered artist that you enjoy and keep studying.

Free Digital Photos/ By imagerymajestic.

Free Digital Photos/ By imagerymajestic. lets you become a DJ

This site is great for groups of people studying. lets you create your own playlist with a group of people. So, you all sign in, find or create a room and start adding your favorite songs and get back to work. It’s a good way to let everyone’s style shine and you’ll probably have more to talk about (bands, music, dislikes/likes) if you don’t really know your study partners yet.

The classic: iTunes

iTunes should be your old faithful if you don’t have Internet available. Set up a new playlist for studying. Start searching your favorite songs and drag them over. I like listening to beachy, John Mayer mixed with Sublime type of songs when I’m cramming. So, I started pulling in my favorite genres into a new playlist called “Study Sesh.” Now I’ll have that playlist for the rest of my life! I don’t even study anymore, but now I use it when I need to focus on writing or need some calming cooking music.

Have I missed the best option out there?

Comment below and tell me your favorite way to listen to music while studying.

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