As you enter a new chapter in your life, it may help to get some advice along the way.

A college advisor can provide insight and help you prepare for each semester.

It may seem like a small inconvenience to meet with your college advisor, but it could save you a tremendous amount of headache in the long run.

The primary role of an advisor is to help you choose classes and meet your graduation requirements. When that time of year to sign up for classes comes around, they fill up quickly. You will want to be prepared and know which classes you need to take each semester during college.

Why should you meet with your college advisor?

To get advice on choosing a major
Of course, this depends on the individual, but if you are undecided or unsure about a major, your advisor can provide more information about a few of the majors you are interested in to help you decide and move forward. It’s helpful to meet with a knowledgeable person who can try to match your interests and goals with a major. Your advisor won’t necessarily tell you what to do, but will guide you along the way.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

To learn about more opportunities
Advisors know about the college or university and can tell your more about certificate programs, internship or job opportunities, networking events, volunteer opportunities and student clubs. An advisor can also point you to useful resources where you can find opportunities to gain more experience or become more involved with extracurricular activities.

To know your required classes
Mapping out each semester can be more tricky than it may seem. You not only have required minimum credits to meet, but you also have to take certain classes to earn your degree.  If you don’t meet your requirements, it could delay graduation. It helps to meet with an advisor every semester because your advisor will know the exact classes you need and when they will be offered in the upcoming years. Remember, classes are not always offered every semester, which can make it difficult to schedule, especially when you get closer to your final semesters of college.

To plan out your schedule
Finding the classes you need to fit your schedule can be the hardest part about choosing classes each semester. Ever want to take two classes, but the times overlap? Your advisor can let you know when the class you want will be offered again and will provide the tools you need to layout each class in a weekly schedule.

If you are at all uncertain about what classes you should take or want to learn more about the college you’re attending, you should schedule a meeting with your advisor. It’s important to meet every semester because courses and requirements can change. By taking the right classes, you could save yourself from taking an extra semester or two. Even if you think you may not benefit from the meeting, if you go anyway, you’ll most likely walk away feeling more confident about your upcoming semester.

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