Making the Most Out of Your Summer

As soon as classes are out for the summer, our attention immediately turns to tanning, partying and enjoying ourselves.Summer

While you’ve earned it, it doesn’t mean you can just sit on your butt and do nothing all summer.

As we’ve all noticed, the job market is intense. It’s no longer acceptable to just have a degree – you’ve got to have multiple internships under your belt to get your dream job. Because of this, you can’t just let everything slide all summer. The odds are that your competitors are not sitting around twiddling their thumbs, so do you want to take that chance?

Here are some ideas on what you can do to make the most out of your summer break.

Look at your part-time job as an opportunity

OK, so not all of us get the luxury of getting to take an unpaid internship every summer. Some of us need to make as much money as possible to get through the next year of school. And, most likely, it’s in a field that we are not keen on being in. But, if you look past that, consider the benefits of what you can get other than a paycheck. Maybe you could take on a leadership role or receive training on something new? All of this is information you could use to impress future employers down the road.

Look for virtual opportunities

Living in a different city over the summer, especially if you’re already paying rent in one apartment, is crazy expensive. If you’re stuck living in a city where there are few opportunities, consider looking up virtual opportunities. Even if your gig doesn’t pay, you can get experience and fit it around a paying job. Or maybe you could look into getting certifications online. It all depends on your career and what you hope to do. Yes, you will be working your butt off, but you’ll thank yourself down the road.

Broaden your horizons

There are so many free resources out there for you to take advantage of! Depending on what your field of study is, bookmark all of the important resources in your field. You’ll be able to keep up with industry news and learn something at the same time! Devote a certain time each day or week to doing some reading about your field – whether it’s a magazine or following important industry leaders on Twitter – make a move to stay engaged.The knowledge you gain will be just as valuable to a future employer because it shows you care about keeping up with what’s going on.


Yes, traveling is a way to develop your skills and improve your resume. You can take on a teaching opportunity abroad. Many Asian countries, such as Thailand, hire native English speakers to teach at their schools, and that could be a unique chance for you to earn teaching experience that could count for an education or a corporate training career in the future. You can learn more about a new culture, develop new skills working with people from different backgrounds, and even learn a new language.

And since it is summer time you can use your free time to travel around. Thailand is a fascinating country, full of historical sites, beautiful beaches, and lots of things to see and do. Book a hotel in Bangkok to explore one of the largest cities in Southeast Asia, try new foods and try to talk to the locals. You can only benefit from a opportunity like this one.


You don’t have to volunteer with a nonprofit that relates to your career … it can be with any organization that you are passionate about. Working with a nonprofit is rewarding; it will help give you meaning and focus. Not only will you be doing some good in the world, but you’ll also be gaining some perspective about the world. An added benefit is that the time you spend helping others can also be added to a resume. It shows you care about the world around you and are willing to roll up your sleeves and get to work – that’s motivation enough for any employer to consider you for a position.

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