For most of you, you’re either on Spring Break or about to head out for your trip soon.

You may be in party zone now, but the party is eventually going to end. You can’t just coast on from Spring Break through to the end of the semester. If anything, all of your classes are going to get even more difficult between now and then.

But as much as we dread those final exams (especially those oh-so-horrendous cumulative ones), your prize at the end of the tunnel is SUMMER BREAK. Whether you’re going to be interning or hitting up the beach, summer break is a fun time for everyone.


As tempting as it is to already imagine yourself with that Bud Light in hand soaking up the rays all summer long, it doesn’t mean it’s time to slack. Here are some ideas to help you stay focused.

1. Allow yourself one “me” day

OK, as #firstworldproblems as it sounds, sometimes you need to take a vacation after your vacation. Between the jet lag and/or the hours logged in a car, traveling is tiring. Take this day and allow yourself to be as lazy as you want … but know that you’ll have to go full force the next day. Get to bed at a decent hour and get rejuvenated.

2. Prep yourself before you wreck yourself

Getting prepared doesn’t just apply for schoolwork — it also applies to making sure you’ve got your personal affairs in order. It’s amazing how so many little chores — like laundry or buying printer ink — can weigh you down and cause you a crazy load of stress. Make sure that you’re ready to roll for the coming weeks by getting the chores done that you need but will be too busy to take care of later on.

3. Keep your eyes on the prize

Remember what you want to help keep you motivated. Do you want an A or B in this class? Do you want to ace that final presentation? Do you want to write the best essay your professor has ever seen? Remember what you want to accomplish in order to motivate yourself to take the necessary steps to get it done.

4. Isolate yourself from party central

Even if you are having a hard semester, it doesn’t mean all of your friends are. Some of your friends may be able to party hard and still get their work done, but keep in mind that every schedule/class/major is different. While one person may be able to daydrink at the pool on a Wednesday, you may have to write your lab report. In order to avoid tempting yourself, stay away from the partying action. For example, if you want to try to study at the pool and everyone else is drinking, go to a quiet park instead — this way you’re still getting your sunshine, but you’re taking yourself out of the party picture.

5. It’s never to early to start prepping for finals!

As lame as this sounds, it’s true. If you know that you’ll have a cumulative final or that you have a major project due at the end of the semester, use your spare time to prepare for it. You’ll save yourself a lot of stress down the road!

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