College students are known for being smart and intellectual individuals, but do many of these college students also have a good sense of fashion? We think so.

We’re noticing many different trends floating around for 2013, especially for the Spring months that are approaching. If you are a college student looking to stay as fashionable as possible while attending class, hanging around at social events, or having a good time in the dorm, you will want to consider trying out some of these new trends. You may even discover a new love for looking at trends and look to attend one of the many¬†fashion design colleges.

Don’t worry guys, this may be a little more geared towards the ladies – but you’ll be noticing these things around campus for sure.

Black and White

While most people think of Spring as a colorful season, this spring it seems that shades of black and white are becoming a huge success. Some of the most popular fashion designers, including Michael Kors, have displayed this new trend for all to see on the runway, which is why college students are following behind. You can pair white and black together anytime, but some floral designs and damask patterns are becoming popular this season. Black Bermuda shorts worn with a white blouse and black sandals would be the perfect outfit for a sunny day.

Boots Are In

College students seem to be enjoying boots this season. The most popular boots include thigh high boots and boots that reach the knee. Lower cut boots are not as in style this year. It seems the idea this season is that the longer the boots are, the better. These boots can come in a wide variety of colors, although shades of black and brown seem to be the most common for the season. The boots are typically paired with a pair of skinny jeans or tights.

Bermuda Shorts

While Katy Perry sings about daisy dukes and bikini tops, Bermuda Shorts are making a comeback this season instead of the short shorts. Bermuda shorts come down to the knees and can be made of many different materials. Floral prints, black and white, and even bright colored Bermuda shorts are all in this season. Stock up on these shorts and pair them with flip flops or gladiator sandals, which are still considerably hot this year.

Two-Tone Handbags

Time to retire your old handbag and go for something brighter and evn two-toned. During spring and summer of this year, two-toned handbags will be popular. Brighter shades of handbags will also be carried about by college students and fashionistas everywhere. Shades of green are increasing in popularity as well. A nice two-toned emerald handbag would pair well with khaki Bermuda shorts, a white top, and some gemstone jewelry pieces.

Bold Jewelry

Bold jewelry is making a comeback for the year. Larger pieces of jewelry with bright gemstones, particularly in shades of green and purple, are being worn. These pieces can easily be paired with any of the seasons hottest outfits as an additional accessory to make everything stand out.

The most common fashion trends among college students will be colorful handbags, longer shorts, boots, bold jewelry, and anything that is black and white. For those who pay attention to fashion, these trends are a must-have.

What do you think?

Any great places to get trendy clothes and accessories on a college budget? Let us know in the comments below.

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