Five Things You Are Going To Miss After College

College is a time full of excitement, adventure, hard work…. the list goes on. And while those four years seem like they are endless, there is one semester that always flashes past – your last one. It did for me, it did for many of my friends and it is for current students who I talk to who say they can’t believe how quickly those last few months are flashing by.

If you are in your last semester you know what I mean and I hope that after reading the following five things I missed after I graduated that you can take advantage of the few weeks you have left and enjoy them.

If you have years left before you don your cap and gown, keep in mind time semesters flash past and take advantage of every second you have in college as you don’t get it back.

1. Spending lots of time with friends.

In college it is easy to see and spend time with your friends. Not only are they on campus, you may live with them or close by to them or even take the same classes with them. When you graduate and get a job, life becomes more complicated and there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Careers may take you and your friends to different parts of the country or the world for that matter, so enjoy your time with them while they are just a stones throw away.

2. Learning interesting things.

Ok, so while you may not think everything you are learning in college is particularly interesting, you must admit that some professors did have some pretty cool stuff to teach. Of course, learning is a lifelong process and you will most likely learn something every day of your life. But in college, you have the luxury of sitting in front of some truly great people who are there teaching you all these interesting things. The only thing you have to do is listen.

3. Spring break and the summer holiday.

Spring break is amazing for many reasons and you all know why. Partying with friends, travelling to a cool destination….the list goes on. And summer is pretty darn good too. When you get to be a number cruncher or a paper pusher there is plenty of time for fun –  but in much smaller doses. The average amount of time off you will get is about two weeks a year. Enjoy that time off you get in college while you can.

 4. A varied schedule.

Unless you are someone who thrives on living by a strict routine, you really can’t beat the variety that college life brings. One day you have an early class, but then the next you may get to sleep in as your classes don’t start until a little later in the day. Some nights you may have late classes and other days you may get done by 4pm. And the best thing is, if you hate a class that you have to take, it will be over in just a few months. Some jobs offer a varied schedule while others will have you reaching for the snooze button every day at 6am. And, if you don’t like you boss or a colleague there is no getting rid of them unless they quit or you change your job. Make the most of your schedule and enjoy your free time!

5. Professors.

Yep, you read it correctly…professors. While some are painful and seem to be talking a foreign language, most of them are normal, rational people whose job it is to help you succeed. Some of my professors I had in college were just so outstanding, insightful and a pleasure to have been able to learn from. I really do miss having great conversations with them. And when they push you hard or challenge you to do better, all they want is for you to succeed. When you have that big fancy job and pay check to match, be sure to send a thank you note to the ones who helped you get there. I know, it is there job you are saying right now, but I am sure you have some teachers that go above and beyond.

Life after college is great, and there are things I miss and things I don’t miss about being a student. I hope you find these things I miss insightful and maybe it will help you enjoy them even more while you have a chance.

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