Dating after Diploma: How to Meet Guys after Graduating

Dating is hard, but finding guys to date isn’t. With recent college grads facing enough stress after receiving their diplomas (finding a job and paying back student loans for example), it can appear to an insurmountable task to even locate eligible bachelors, nonetheless date them.

Luckily, learning how to meet guys is easier earning a college degree.

The simplest way to find a significant other after graduation is to step out of your comfort zone. Unfortunately, it can also be the hardest. Whether it’s a marathon training group or joining a sci-fi book club, get involved in something.


Volunteering, joining a club or even signing up for an intramural sports team are small ways to expand your circle and meet guys. The great thing about meeting a potential suitor through a club or organization is that you know you share at least one interest. It also creates a structured time and place to get to know him, instead of the pressure of having to schedule hangout time.

Although it might be tempting to drag a friend along as a safety buffer, it’s better to go solo. Doing so forces you to talk to new people and makes you less intimidating for other people to approach. Plus, you automatically get dibs on the cutest guy in the room.

Use your own guys

Even though you’re ditching your friends to meet new men, feel free to also exploit your friends. Think of all the couples you know. How many met through mutual friends? Exactly. A major benefit of meeting a guy through a mutual friend is that he passed the friend test. If you’re worried about ruining a potential friendship, date outside your inner circle of friends. But from experience, women love playing matchmaker and chances are you have one friend that knows the “perfect” guy for you.

If you still feel uncomfortable using close friends to meet guys, then close acquaintances are also a good place to start, especially if you they aren’t part of your usual inner circle. By hanging with a new crew, you’re exposed to new people, which spices up the type of men you’ll meet.

Another way to meet guys is by working out.

Yes, you have to get over talking to the male sex while not looking your best, but who wants a guy who only likes you for your looks? Getting a gym membership or attending fitness classes are prime opportunities to meet guys while getting in shape. And even if you fail to meet a new dude, your toned body will definitely help in attracting other men to you.

Drinks anyone?

You can also return any freshly single college student’s square one: the bars. Although most recent grads know the dating pool at bars lean toward the sketchy side, it isn’t unheard of to meet a decent guy while sipping beers. The laidback atmosphere helps disperse nerves and the pressure to click automatically. Bars also provide a decent quantity of prospects. If the first guy you talk to is the picture of who you don’t want to date, relocate to the other side of the bar and start talking to another man.

Use your web tools

Finally, there’s the Internet. Although most college grads grew up with parents preaching the dangers of strange men in chat rooms, there are plenty of online dating websites that provide safe ways to meet parent-approved boyfriends. and eHarmony are two of the most popular sites and even match couples based off interests and goals, eliminating a lot of the men that would never make it to a second date. Although some women may dislike the stigma associated with online dating, a cute “how we met” story is not worth passing on your dream guy.

It doesn’t take a Doctorate to meet eligible men.

Just don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. With a little luck, and a little fuller calendar, you’ll find a guy who could convince you to get your MRS.

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