College Planning: Junior Year Expectations and Antidotes

It’s reaching the end of August, and as the summer days drift away, the new school year approaches.

For freshman, a strange new world is right around the corner.

For sophomores, this means a reconnection with friends and alcoholism.

However, for juniors, like myself, we know exactly what this new year has in store because we’ve already been through it twice.

Everything becomes boring, from your classes to parties on the weekends.  Your college experience can become mundane during junior year if changes aren’t made.  So how do we, fellow college veterans, stay focused and fun-loving when we have already seen what college has to offer? You need some college, building

Juniors looking to shake off the rust should look toward the advice that we were given as new-coming freshman.  For example, joining clubs is a great way to meet people outside of your own friend group and to strike up new interests.  By now, juniors should have a greater idea of what goes on within the school and what clubs and activities are offered.  Sign up for anything that sparks your interest and go for at least one meeting.  If afterwards you decide it’s not something that you want to do, then quit.  College is short, and doing anything that you don’t love doing during that period is just wasted energy.  I just signed up for the newspaper, theater guild, and adventure club, and knowing that there’s unfamiliar terrain ahead is giving me a reason to look forward to the semester.

By now, most students entering their junior year have their liberal education classes finished, and are focusing mainly on their majors. If you have a boring major, like myself, and have some extra room in your schedule, take one class a semester that has nothing to do with your major but has always intrigued you.  Something that is a lower-level course, but is unfamiliar to you, will take you out of your comfort zone and your rut, and might even be an easy A.  Plus, you’ll be an expert in something that was completely foreign to you four months earlier.

Lastly, and most importantly, spicing up your weekend is an absolute must.  By junior year, you’ve been to thousands of parties.  You’ve braved snowstorms to drink in a stranger’s dirty apartment.  You’ve blown off a week of homework to create the perfect ABC (anything but clothes) outfit out of duct tape.  You’ve even climbed over fences in a mini skirt to escape the police busting the party.  But after two years, it gets old.  Suddenly seeing slutty freshman girls walk down basement stairs in heels is just sad, and you begin to feel like a chaperon at a very inappropriate middle school dance.  However, by joining clubs and taking different classes, you’ll meet new people to party with.  Even something as simple as switching up the music selection or playing different drinking games could make a huge difference.

If all else fails, theme parties are always a good time.  ALWAYS.

A month ago, I was dreading returning to school.

The thought of the routine that awaited me was already exhausting.  However, with a few small changes junior year doesn’t have to be a drag.  Finding new activities that you’re passionate about, and people to share that with can bring back that initial thrill that everyone felt before freshman year.  So get excited, juniors, a new year is on it’s way!

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