College is a time to experience new things, even if you are living at home. Although it can feel difficult to break out of the high school mold, there are plenty of ways to branch out while living at home.

Join a New Club

If you want to branch out while living at home, you have to try something new. College offers a wide variety of clubs and sports that were not available in high school. Intramural sports offer goofy activities such as broom ball or dodge ball, and provide plenty of opportunities to meet new people.

Clubs and organizations not only introduce you to potential friends, but also give you career experience before graduation. Find an activity you love and get involved. Serving on an organization’s board will boost your resume and keep you busy away from your parents’ house.

Most college campuses have some form of Greek life, which will fill both your social and service calendar. If academics is more your thing, there are fraternities for different majors and for honor societies. Going Greek can help you network with other chapters across the country, and even open a few extra doors after graduation.

Take Classes with Strangers

If you take classes with your friends, you will never branch out and meet new people. Even though it can be awkward, talk to people on the first day of class. It will pay off in the future when you have to work in small groups or have a group project. By simply making small talk each class you’ll have a new acquaintance, or maybe even friend, at the end of the semester.

Take Non-Required Classes

Registering for required classes is obviously important. However, attending non-required classes is an excellent way to discover a new interest and branch out. Human sexuality, the history of rock ‘n’ roll and ice skating are just an example of odd subjects you can study while receiving college credit.

It also expands your knowledge and can make you more marketable when looking for jobs and internships. Taking courses lightly related to your major not only introduces you to people outside your major, but also makes opens up job possibilities in your field.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is the ultimate way to branch out. It’s a new country with new people and new experiences. Learning about a new culture gives you a different perspective of the world and life. You can also network while abroad, which can lead you to more opportunities outside of America.

If you cannot afford to go away for all four years of college, try studying abroad for a semester. Universities offer plenty of locations, ranging from expensive London to the more local Quebec. You can also choose a program based on your major, which will prevent you from falling behind on your classes. In you are really pressed for money, some schools offer shortened sessions during the summer that are not as expensive.

Living at home while in college doesn’t mean things have to be like high school. It’s easy to branch out and experience new things. You just have to venture outside your parents’ house, and your comfort zone.

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