You wake up to the taste of tequila and a hangover headache. Although your memories are blurry, you do remember chatting with an attractive undergrad who gave you all the clues that they wanted to hook up.

But did you?

Or did things go foul after a pit-stop for some greasy drunk food? Here is quick guide to tell if you hooked up.

Hint one: Location

Open your eyes. Where are you? If you are at your place or a friend’s place, proceed to step two. If you are in unfamiliar surroundings, roll over and check the bed for someone sleeping next to you. Feel free to do a little snooping and take in your surroundings. Look at the walls for pictures and any clues that might jar your memories. Girls love pictures of themselves with their friends hanging in their rooms. Do you spot the person from last night? Does the bedroom reflect the sex of someone you would hook up with? Are the clothes covering the floor from the cutie you were flirting with at the bar?

Hint two: Appearance

Waking up naked is a telltale sign of the previous night’s activities. Although sleeping nude could just be a preference. If you are wearing some form of clothing check your appearance in the mirror. Intoxicated hook ups tend to leave evidence behind. Check yourself for hickeys, scratches and bite marks. Take in the state of your hair as well. Is it typical bedhead or does it look as though someone tugged your hair in throes of passion? Women can take the state of their makeup as well. Smudged lipstick and paired with chapped lips is not a side effect of innocence. Ladies should also do a mental assessment of how their bodies feel. Any soreness below the waist points strongly toward some form of sexual activity.

"Do Not Disturb" sign

Hint three: Cell Phone

Go through your texts from last night. Were you bragging about getting lucky to a friend last night? Did you to contact an old booty call? By checking your call log and texts messages you can reveal crucial clues. Friends might have texted their concern after you dipped out unannounced with your maybe hook up or cheering you on for scoring. Be sure to go through you photos on your phone just in case you made some additions (dirty or parent approved). It is also a good idea to look for new numbers added from last night. Any texts sent from unopened numbers? Maybe it was the nine out of 10 you almost took home.

Hint four: Social Media

Similar to cell phones, social media is also good for jogging your memory. Girls are notoriously better at being more active on social media sites, depending on your sex you might have a friend request waiting on Facebook. Or you might have been eager the night before and already added them. Also check your Facebook to see if any photos were recently added of you. Every person has one friend that uploads photos immediately, and chances are you could be spotted in the background making out with someone at the bar. Just say a silent pray that you didn’t login to your hook up’s place on Foursquare.

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