College Dating Tips and Campus Romance

No matter what your class standing is, college is still the perfect time to begin your dating journey. When you’re in college you don’t have to worry about taking the girl you like to a five-star restaurant, and girls don’t have to wear designer clothes just to impress the hot guy in their psych 101 class. There isn’t this major pressure to impress as if you were working professionals, these are dating tips for college, not dating tips for everybody. It’s college, so everyone understands the tagline “broke college student.”

You need every possible way to attract your mate, so stay on your best behavior, pull out all the stops, wear your best cologne, your nicest pants and get a leg up by trying True Pheromones for an extra push. Every part that helps you seal the deal is a bonus.

Since you may not be rolling in money and overall social status, dating while you’re a college student can be a fun journey. Dating while you’re in college is all about finding out what you like, don’t like, and what you can tolerate & building a list of the ultimate deal breakers. Maybe you can’t date someone who is only into sports (perhaps the hot jock in your bio class isn’t right for you.) Or you just might learn that the best girl for you is the geeky/artistic girl that always say hi to you every time you walk into the lecture hall.

Either way, college is still that time of self exploration, but it’s also the moments in life where you can make the best (and sometimes the worst) dating mistakes of your life. Yet, the entire point of dating is to learn from your mistakes, and to keep trying new things; always learning something new aboutt yourself is bound to help you down the road, especially when you begin dating after graduation. So what are you waiting for, go for it!!

Just “going for it” may be easy for some (for me it was always exciting meeting someone and going on dates,) but for others it could be scary. I totally understand that “going for it” may be difficult to actually accomplish. But with these tips below, you can navigate your way through the exciting journey of dating while in college.

College Dating Tips

Below is a comprehensive list of tips that you can use to guide you through campus romance.

I. The Three “H’s”

When it comes to meeting new people on campus, you want to always make sure that you use one of the “three H’s” when crossing by someone’s path. So what exactly are these “h’s”? Well, it’s quite simple. Whenever you walk by someone or walk into a class and have someone you might like or finding attractive, be sure to always say either hello, hi, or hey. It may not seem like much, but after a while that person will get used to you greeting them, and overtime (depending how shy you are,) you can easily strike up conversation in hopes of getting to know the person together.

II. Misery Doesn’t Love Company

My mom always used to tell me the importance of smiling, and over the years in college I’ve learned that you better smile your butt off. No matter if you’re stressed or just annoyed to be in that early morning class, suck it up and smile. All that time you spend frowning could turn away potential interest from someone who might actually genuinely like you. Nobody wants to be around someone who always looks miserable & unhappy to simply breathe, so cheer up, smile, and invite the world into your aura with a simple grin. Of course you don’t want to be showing off a cheesy smile showing all your teeth(that’s just creepy after a while,) but there is nothing wrong with a slight grin to brighten the room.

III. The Importance of Bagels, Deli’s, Ice Cream, & Coffee

So once you’ve sparked up conversation with someone who has caught your eye, you may be freaking out trying to figure out a way to ask them out. When you’re in college, it’s quite okay for the girl to ask the guy out, and it’s okay for the guy to basically ask the guy out. The thing that makes this possible (especially girls asking guys out) is the beautiful invention of bagels, deli’s, and coffee. When you’re in college you don’t have to try to ask someone out to dinner right off the back. To eliminate the pressure, simply ask them to grab a bite to eat at the campus deli or perhaps study sometime and have some coffee. It’s a great segue to the start of a date, and after grabbing coffee, you can always get to a movie or an open mic on campus. And if the person doesn’t like coffee, then always for the deli option or ice cream. Who doesn’t like ice cream or frozen yogurt?

IV. Trade the Sweats & PJs for Jeans

Going to class all day and taking notes is probably not going to inspire you to dress to your full potential, but it doesn’t mean you should rock the pjs & sweats everyday. You never know when someone might have a crush on you, so attempt to switch up now and then. If your always wearing sweats & pj pants to class, then opt for a pair of jeans, Converse, and a blouse (or a cool hoodie would still keep it college-casual.) Nobody is expecting you to wear designer digs and have the best swag on campus, but college is a great time to find your personal style, so dress to decently impress. 🙂

V. Duh, Have Fun!

The most important tip of them all is to basically have fun! Don’t worry about whether this person is your soul-mate or whether you are winning them over. While it’s important to put your best foot forward, you’ve got remember to take it easy, be yourself, and enjoy the moments. Not only should your attitude be about having fun, but you should also go on fun dates. Bowling, skating, outdoor activities, art shows, arcades, concerts, parties, new restaurants, and even a good old-fashioned movie are just a few dates that bring forth an element of fun. College is already stressful, so you’re dating life should be the ultimate escape from the campus stress. Campus romance should be a fun journey, not a dull & stressful nightmare.


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