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Windows 7, the latest OS for PC users, has been available for a little over 2 years now. After the disappointing reviews that the previous OS, Vista, received, Microsoft quickly put out Windows 7. OS 7 features a higher processing speed, better tools to keep you organized, and ways to keep you more up-to-date with ever-changing technology.

I bought my laptop with Windows 7 in March of 2010. Since then, my computer has crashed twice, needed a decent amount of maintenance, and unexpectedly shuts down on a semi-regular basis. Despite my frustration with it, 80% of the time my computer does more than suffice for the tasks I need it to do.

However, there are some really great aspects of OS 7 that make me really pleased with my purchase.

First of all, the side-by-side pages capability makes life so much easier when you’re doing research on papers, looking at notes, or even just doing multi-tasking. By being able to have both screens up and available, it makes it much easier to focus on your work as opposed to having to go back and forth constantly.

Windows 7 also features a revamped search system which not only searches your computers documents and music, but your emails as well. Due to the faster processing speeds, instead of waiting five minutes to get your search results, as you would on earlier OS versions, in a matter of seconds you have what you are looking for.

Sticky notes are also a great addition to the Windows OS. For college students, that extra reminder to read 3 chapters or email a professor on your desktop can be super helpful. The notes are also available in different colors, which can be great for organization.

Quite possibly the greatest and newest feature for procrastinators everywhere, is the Internet TV capabilities on OS 7. By simply getting into Windows Media Center, you can hook up to your already existing Netflix, Zune, or Showtime accounts and watch your favorite shows without having to be online.

If you are in the market for a new laptop that can offer good speed and excellence in organization, a computer featuring Windows 7  is a great investment!


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