5 Online Resources You May Be Missing Out On

What I love about the Internet Age is how more and more tools are made available to us on a daily basis that can make our lives easier.

And the best part? Most of the best ones are free!

Here are some websites I use on a daily basis to help me save time and sanity:

I recommend any of these to help you stay active on all of your social media accounts. Not only can you post to several of your accounts at once, but you can also keep track of your interests by following certain keywords, so you can keep up with the latest conversations on Twitter. If you want to send out posts later, you can schedule them. You can also download these apps on your smartphone to help you stay updated on the go.

Ever had to read an article for class online or do massive amounts of research and been distracted by cluttered websites? Well, Evernote has a solution for you. It offers a plugin for your browser named Clearly that takes out all the garbage on a Web page and lets you look at just the text on the page. It makes reading long articles easier on the eyes and also lets you save what you’re reading to Evernote through the plugin.

Wolfram Alpha
Ever wanted to find a “math-friendly” version of Google? Wolfram Alpha could be just what you’re looking for. It’s a free search engine that not only can compute things for you, but also gives you the simple definition and explanation of pretty much anything. Could definitely be a useful tool for when you’re studying for a math or science test!

McAfee SiteAdvisor
Ever wondered if a website you’re browsing is safe to download from? Sometimes, it can be hard to tell what’s safe and what isn’t on the Web. Here’s where McAfee SiteAdvisor steps in. You can search any URL that you aren’t sure about and it lets you know how safe the website is and if it’s prone to sending out viruses. Your computer will thank you in the long run.

While it seems extremely unlikely to you tech gurus, there are still people out there without Gmail accounts. Shocking, I know. Gmail is not only extremely easy to navigate, but it also allows you to tag different emails and move them into different folders with ease. Google Docs (which you can access through your Gmail account) allow you to share documents with others. When you’re working on a group project, this is an ideal way for all of you to edit your work all at once. Plus, you can connect your Google account to your YouTube account, so you’ll have one less password to remember.

Now that I’ve given you my list, what resources are out there that you recommend?

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