5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Are you totally stressing about what you’re going to get for your Dad this Father’s Day?

Here’s some advice on how to narrow down your search:
1. Make a list of his hobbies/interests.
2. Collaborate with siblings if you want to get something your budget won’t be able to afford.
3. Make sure he doesn’t already have it (the hardest step).
4. It’s the thought that counts, not the price tag.

If you still can’t figure it out, no need to fear! I’ve got some gift ideas for different types of Dads (and for different budgets):

1. Tervis Tumbler
I am seriously obsessed with Tervis Tumblers and haven’t met anyone who didn’t feel the same way! Your Dad will LOVE this gift. The cups have a lifetime warranty and can hold either hot or cold beverages. The best feature, though, is that you avoid the awkward “cup sweat,” which helps you avoid rings on the table or around the house. You can pick out a cup with your Dad’s favorite team logo or sport or even add a picture of you and your Dad using the customizer. The choices are endless!

2. Kindle
I never thought I could afford to get my parents Kindles – until I actually started researching just how much they cost. You can buy a basic Kindle for about $79. A warning, though, this version does have ads that show up as the screensaver, but I promise they aren’t annoying or distracting. It only shows up when you aren’t reading. It really isn’t that expensive, and if you get your siblings to pitch in, it will cost even less. This is a perfect gift for your Dad – as he might not think to buy this for himself, but it is something he will enjoy, especially if he likes reading but doesn’t have time to go to the bookstore.

3. Costa Del Mar Sunglasses
If your Dad loves the outdoors, Costa Del Mar sunglasses could be the perfect fit. Although they are a little expensive, the quality is absolutely amazing. These sunglasses last forever and offer great eye protection from the sun. It will also help your Dad look hip during your summer vacation (even if he does opt for the Hawaiian shirt). You can’t go wrong with any of these styles! To add on to your gift, consider buying croakies to help him keep track of his sunglasses.

4. Wireless Rollup Keyboard
For Dads on the go, convenience is key. I totally started geeking out when I found this wireless rollup keyboard from the Sharper Image. Not only does it work with iPads and iPods, it also works with smartphones! The best part? It’s only $59.99 and even ROLLS UP when you’re done with it. This is perfect for a tech-savvy Dad who travels a lot.

5. Engraved Flask
If your Dad likes to enjoy a drink now and then, a personalized flask is a perfect gift. This flask set from Things Remembered is only $38 with an engraving. It’s high quality and it gives you multiple options on what you would like it to say. This is a gift your Dad will truly cherish forever, and it’s not incredibly expensive!

Anything you would add to this list? Let me know in the comments! Would love to hear your ideas!

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