OK, I admit it. I like watching “The Bachelorette.” I’ve pleaded guilty to the charges of watching reality TV.

Because of my addiction, I’ve been watching Ashley every week. She is awkward at times, she doesn’t have it together and she seems to go for the guys that are obviously bad choices (or don’t like her). Cough BENTLEY cough.

So this sounds like a horrible combination for TV, right? Why would I want to watch this? Why do so many women tune in every week to watch her?

Bachelorette Ashley

Well, while I can’t answer for everyone, I know why I watch. I can be awkward. I lack self-confidence. And, I don’t look great 100 percent of the time. Oh yeah, and I always seem to want the stupid guys who are a waste of time. I am Ashley.

While I don’t consider the two of us to be exactly alike, I can identify with her and that’s why I think women are tuning in nationwide. We like seeing someone who is flawed and more realistic (even if we don’t admit it).

She’s one of the only women on the show who I’ve been able to relate to. All of the others have been these seemingly perfect women. I can’t relate to being perfect. I am flawed, therefore I relate best to someone who is flawed.

Has she made silly mistakes? Yes. Has Ashley been overly emotional at times? Totally. But haven’t you made mistakes or been dramatic about something ridiculous? I’ve walked down that road too many times. And while it seems like we can put her on a pedastool and critique her every move, I think it’s hard to remember she is human like the rest of us.

Could you imagine being in her shoes and how you would react to being on reality TV? I would certainly be a hot mess. I get that she did this by choice, but for crying out loud, we can’t expect anyone to be perfect 100 percent of the time.

When I hear all the negative things people say about her, I have this instinct to want to defend her. Yes, she’s not perfect. But neither are any of us. That’s why we watch her every week.

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