What To Do With Your: Geography Degree

Geography may not be a major you hear too many people claiming. However, if it exists, then someone is studying it.

Geography is such a broad discipline. Instead of majoring in geography all together, a lot students narrow it down to a specific major like environmental science. Or they may choose to focus on specific region or continent.

Asia, for example, has greatly grown in the geopolitical sphere, with many markets in China, Thailand and Japan, becoming a commercial, touristic and cultural center. If you like to travel, that may yield to a career that will allow you to explore a new culture, learn a different language and widen your knowledge. Imagine what your days off would be like- a long walk by the beaches of Phuket, a shopping spree in Tokyo, or a stay in a luxurious hotel in Singapore enjoying the great spa services and world famous cuisine.


The good part of being a geography major? Because the field is so broad, the career opportunities are endless!

What is Geography?

Geography is the study of the earth, it’s physical features and atmosphere as well as human activity and how they affect and are affected by the earth.

Geography focuses on the land, water, climate, space, population density, changes in the environment, how people react to the changes on the environment, migration and much more.

Skills You’ll Posses

According to Science & Engineering, there are some skills that you’ll posses once you’ve gotten your degree:

  • You’ll gain intellectual skills to critically asses theories.
  • Communication and verbal skills to be able to analyze and present information.
  • You’ll learn self-management and how to become more responsible, flexible and creative.

Geography, unlike many other majors, is a special degree to have. Geography gives students the opportunity to be a part of people’s lives by informing them about the area they live in and how they can improve it if matters go wrong.

Types of Careers to Choose From

When looking further into this degree program, it was interesting to see just how MANY careers are related to this field; there are so many different opportunities! Check out more from MyPlan.com, but here are a few to wet your appetite:

  • Crime Analyst
  • Land Manager
  • Environmental  Consultant
  • Intelligence Officer
  • Professor
  • Organic Analyst
  • Ecologist
  • Hydrologist
  • Park Ranger
  • Urban Planner
  • Water and Natural Resource Planner
  • Demographer
  • Location Analyst
  • Astronomers

Set up an appointment with your advisor before deciding on majoring in geography. Ask them to help you decide on exactly what route to take and what classes are appropriate for you.

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