I’ve noticed that when people in relationships have been together over 6 months, many times they decide to move in together.

Moving in together


I, for one, always had a problem understanding why individuals are so quick to give up their private space and home.

Where do you go after you have a fight? What if you need time for yourself? How do you get away from someone when you live with them?

After racking my brain, I’ve collected several reasons why you may want to reconsider the “big move.”

Reason 1: Ladies, don’t assume it will get you closer to the proposal.

I think one of the biggest mistakes women make in when moving in with their boyfriend is having the expectation of marriage or a proposal.

Let’s look at the facts: if you are already cooking, cleaning, washing clothes and doing all the duties that a wife/mother may possibly do why would he want to propose?

Living together let’s him feel COMFORTABLE, therefore, why propose when he is basically getting everything a husband would get without the COMMITMENT of being with you for the rest of his life?

Keep your place, give him something to think about; make HIM want to put a ring on your finger more than YOU want it.

Reason 2: You are robbing yourself of freedom.

Moving in together, whether you like to believe it or not, will rob you of your freedom and personal space.

Without realizing it, you will be living the life of a married couple and a lot of things in your life will have to change.

For instance, the “check in” an “check out” thing is not a joke. If your partner is expecting you to be home from work at 6 p.m. and you won’t be home until 8 p.m., you have to let your partner know.

When you have your own place with no one to answer to, you have the freedom to do as you please and come and go as you wish.

Reason 3: Rushing is never a good.

Rushing ANYTHING is never a good thing, especially in this situation because if you and your partner decide to get married, there will be nothing exciting and new because you’ve already been living together for x-years.

Give you and your partner some serious time before moving in together; you do not want to enter a marriage and then 5 years down the road realize you didn’t have a chance to live your life.

Rushing into a serious commitment before you are ready can lead to a divorce and who wants that?

Reason 4: There is nothing wrong with having FUN.

This article is not about being single. I love being in a relationship, but I’m also realistic.

NOTHING is guaranteed, even in a marriage, therefore, keep in mind that ANY relationship can end. Although it is important to communicate and work at keeping sparks alive and so forth, you must understand that you can NEVER really know for SURE what can happen.

So why limit yourself?

Have fun and tell your partner that you LOVE him/her, but you don’t want to rush the relationship before it’s time. If your partner doesn’t understand this, then maybe you weren’t meant to be.

Like I’ve said before, a relationship that is MEANT to be should FLOW smoothly; you shouldn’t have to fight so hard for someone that should be in your life.

Peace, love and happiness!

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