Stuck on what to do for Valentine’s Day? Out of time and ideas? No worries, you can bake your way into your Valentine’s heart by sticking to these simple recipes that anyone can make!

Recipe #1: Chocolate covered strawberries

Looking for something SIMPLE to make your sweetie? Check out this recipe for chocolate covered strawberries; they’re tasty, easy-to-make and very romantic!

chocolate covered strawberries

What you’ll need:

– Box of Strawberries (washed and dried)

– 6 oz. Semi-sweet chocolate, chopped

– 3 oz. White chocolate, chopped

How to make them:

– Melt both types of chocolate in two separate bowls. In order to do so, fill two pots with about 1-inch water and heat until it comes to a boil.

– Rest each bowl of chocolate over the steaming pots and allow the heat from the steam to melt the solid chocolate; continue stirring until smooth.

– Now that the chocolate is melted (both the white and dark), remove from heat.

– Grab a cookie sheet and line it with wax paper or parchment paper. Holding each strawberry by the stem, gently dip each one into the dark chocolate until each one is completely covered.

– Set each strawberry on the parchment paper and let dry.

– Next, take a knife or fork and drizzle the white chocolate over each strawberry. Let sit for 30 minutes or until completely dry.

Recipe #2: Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe

If you are looking for something a bit more impressive (and you have an oven, egg beater and mixing bowls at your disposal), opt for this flourless chocolate cake recipe which is a simple dessert and if done correctly, will make your baking skills appear professional.

What you’ll need:

– a Box of semi-sweet chocolate squares (7 ounces, or 7 squares)

– 5 Eggs, separated

– 1/3 Cup sugar

– 1 Stick of unsalted butter

– 1 Teaspoon vanilla

– 2 Tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder

– 1/8 Teaspoon salt

Flourless chocolate cake

How to make it:

– Preheat the oven to 350°.

– Separate the 5 eggs; place the egg whites in one bowl and the yolks in another.

– Break up the blocks of chocolate and throw them in a pan with the butter. On low heat, continue stirring until everything is melted.

– Remove from heat and whisk in the vanilla and yolks. After blended, whisk in the sugar, cocoa and salt.

– Next, grab an egg beater and beat the egg whites into thick, frothy mounds. Grab a spatula and slowly add the egg whites to your chocolate mixture. Continue folding over the chocolate mixture until there is no longer any white showing.

– Grease a springform pan (or one with a removable bottom) and pour in your chocolate mixture. Bake for 30 minutes or until the middle is fully cooked.


If you don’t have a springform pan, take a strip of aluminum foil and cut it in half. Take one of the strips and lay it across a regular cake pan; use the other strip and form a cross by laying it on top of the strip you just put down. Push the strips into the middle of the pan and keep them as flat as possible. Use the excess foil hanging over the side of the pan as your handles.

Finally, take another piece of aluminum foil and place the pan on top of it. Trace the bottom of the pan with a marker and cut out the circle; place the circle in the bottom of the pan.

Now you can pour your mixture over the aluminum foil, but use the handles to lift the cake out of the pan without ruining it.

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