Unemployed vs. Unhappily Employed: What’s Worse?

If someone told me that working at a sucky job was worse than being unemployed, I’d laugh in their face. After all, some source of income is better than no source of income! Plus, who can imagine that dealing with money problems can keep you more mentally healthy than having a source of income?

Turns out, when it comes to your mental health, having no job is better than having a job you hate!

Due to unemployment rates–which are still super high in comparison to the past decade–many individuals (especially students) grab the first opportunity given to them. What seems like a smart move may not be the best for their sanity!

Translation: A bad job can literally drive you insane!



A new study conducted with over 7,000 subjects over a span of seven years found that people who were unemployed were calmer, happier, less depressed and less anxious after finding a job ONLY if they find their new job rewarding.

What qualities in a job determined how rewarding the job is and in turn, how healthy you are mentally? The complexity and demands of the work, compensation, freedom with work and job security. While unemployed individuals have their own set of problems, many newly employed people struggle with these four facets when they compromise on a job.

So all you college students who are unemployed or decided against taking a mediocre job, find comfort in the fact that you’re saving your mind a lot of grief!

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