When my friends started joining Twitter in 2006, I gave them hell for it.

Why, when you have Facebook with its pictures and wall posts, would you want to join a comparatively stark example of social media? Besides, Twitter just seems like a page of infinite status updates, something Facebook already has covered.

I don’t care how many cookies you ate today or how you sang a song to your blind neighbor. I mean, it’s nice, but do I really need to know how much of a charitable citizen you are while I sit at home eating mini éclairs?

I went on like this for four years, unable to see the light or the significances of the hashtag.

Twitter Fail Whale



Then I got a Twitter. I kind of like it and I’m pretty sure you will too.

So in the four reasons listed below, I will, in so many words, both explain why you should join the Twitter-verse and implore you to get one, too.

Reason One:

It’s a good way to get more information about just about any major company or news organ you want… seriously, think of how much more informed and/or aware you’ll be!

Plus, once you join Twitter, you pick and choose who to follow; ipso facto, you only read the news you want to read.

Reason Two:

You have the ability to link with thousands of people interested in the same things as you.

Because of the “hashtag”, or the ubiquitous pound sign in front of a word or phrase, you can be easily connected to anyone who is using the same keyword(s).

When you search whatever you used as your hashtag, you are immediately united with millions of other tweets that have used the same phrase in their tweet.

On the opposite end of the practicality spectrum, it’s always fun to make up long, convoluted hashtags. But maybe that’s just me.

Reason Three:

For those who are majoring in some form of communications, Twitter is becoming real big, real fast.

It’s a real bonus for potential employers to see that their hires know how to work one of the biggest, most untapped forms of free marketing, advertising and communication the Internet has to offer as of now.

Reason Four:

It’s easy and fast. 140 characters, that’s it. Sure, it takes extra time to upload a photo or whatever, but it’s still decidedly quicker than Facebook.

Think of all the time you could spend procrastinating studying!

So, good. Get a Twitter. It’s free, easy, more socially acceptable than FourSquare, and will make your day better (unless you happen to be eating mini éclairs, in which case your day automatically trumps mine.)

For those who already have a Twitter, follow me @ohemcho.

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