The New Workplace Currency [Infographic]

Attention all those looking to hire recent graduates: it’s not just about the salary anymore. In fact, a recent study by Cisco reveals that access to social media during work hours, device freedom, and work mobility are equally (if not more) desired than money among college students today.

– 2/3 of college students will ask about social media policies during their job interviews.
– 4/5 of college students want to choose the devices for a job.
– 69% of all workers believe it’s not necessary to be working from the office.

Do you find social media access, device freedom, or work mobility to be more important than money when pursuing a job? Tell us why or why not in the comments below, and check out the rest of the graphic to find out more:

Still don’t like the idea of working this way? Maybe try out an MBA Program and you can run the show. Unfortunately, with your new expertise you might not have any time for social media at all!

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