The Campus Socialite: Top 10 Ways to Let Loose in College

Author: Te’Devan Kurzweil

Around this time of year, if not earlier, many college students find themselves fed up with all the stress that comes along with school. You have reached that point where you can’t bring yourself to start writing another paper and you’re ready to kill one or all of your roommates (and their significant others who have unofficially moved in).

You can’t muster the effort to show up for another class of an uninspiring professor who reads to you from the textbook, and you definitely can’t handle another exam.

stressed out student

College isn’t going anywhere though, so ask yourself this: what are you gonna do about it?

Stop bitching and complaining, and fucking revolt. Well…at the very least blow off some steam. Below are a few suggestions that I found very useful for some very much needed college relaxation….

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