When it comes to take out, sometimes the quickest, easiest-to-carry-and-eat-while-you-run-to-class options are key.

Well, pizza is hot, messy and drips down your shirt. Hot dogs give you terrible breath and are no good for you. So what’s left?

Dunkin’ Donuts.

No, no, NOT a donut; that won’t fill you up and you’ll crash from the sugar high only a short while after consuming it.

No, no, not their bagels (I won’t even go there)… I’m talking about the Flatbread sandwiches!

Dunkin’ Donuts recently wised up and changed their triangular egg sandwich flatbreads into round ones – genius!

Dunkin' Donuts Flatbread


Dunkin’ Donuts Flatbread

Why we like this option:

– Cheap (Less than $3)

– Easy to eat (Take out of the wrapper, let it cool for 60 sec and you’re good to go!)

– Easy to carry, hold while walking AND easy to throw in your bag if need-be.

– They have healthy options – something often compromised in exchange for convenience (some are under 300 calories!).

– Drive-thru’s make it easier for commuters!

– One-stop-shop: grab a water, juice, soda or coffee while you’re there.

My Personal Favorite?

Turkey Sausage Egg White! But they have lots of options to choose from so take your pick!

Look at that, they even call their flatbreads Fuel for when you’re on the go!”- See? I told you!

P.S. Their hashbrowns are pretty frickin’ tasty, too – and you can add them for 99 cents!

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