Stuck in a Routine? How to Keep Your Everyday Life Interesting

How many of us are stuck in a daily, monotonous routine? We get up, go to school or work, maybe hit the gym, then go to bed only to wake up and do it all over again the next day.

But are you letting your life pass you by? Are you stuck in a routine that has become so monotonous your body can wake up and fall asleep at the exact same time every day? Do you know the 6-10 p.m. television lineup better than the back of your hand?

If you answered “yes” to any of the aforementioned, you may be stuck in a rut, my friend.

But fear not! No one wants to live a boring life of predictability, so learn how to spice up your life and keep things interesting because hey, you only live once. Do you really want the live a boring life?

Woman Cooking

Monday: Cook a new meal for yourself

Whether you are into cooking or not, this is a simple way to switch up your week and your meals.

If you have been eating the same meals (or type of meals) regularly, why not substitute your boring chicken dish for steak tips or lasagna? There are plenty of cooking websites with easy recipes that ANYONE can make.

If you are looking for fried chicken, make fried chicken. Want meatloaf and mashed potatoes like your mama makes? Call her up and get the recipe.

Even if the meal doesn’t come out perfectly, you will still eat it and have a great time making something new.

Who knows? Maybe your dish will turn out amazing and you will have a new recipe to cook for yourself or your friends!

Tuesday: Sign up for that exercise class

How many times have you thought about taking that yoga or kick-boxing class and never signed up?

Well, this week is the week to do it! Head to the gym early so you can check out the schedules or sign up for a class.

Bring a friend with you for support (if you need a buddy) and get your butt moving! You will feel refreshed and invigorated after the class and more confident that you can attend subsequent classes.

Wednesday: Do something on campus

There are always events going on around campus so why not check one of them out? Sometimes there are concerts, seminars, movies and a whole lot of other stuff going on in the middle of the week that you may want to get involved in; there may even be free stuff or giveaways!

If events aren’t your thing, grab your roommates and head to the union, a cafe, or somewhere different than your regular cafeteria.

By switching up your routine, you and your friends will enjoy the change of pace, food and scenery. You already know the crowd in your cafeteria, so why not browse the newest additions to the student body by heading somewhere different?

Thursday: Go out for dinner and drinks with a group of friends

Grab your pals and make some plans this Thursday! Instead of heading to your regular bar or party spot, why not head a little off campus and go to one of the local (or not so local) restaurants?

Call up a few close friends, choose the place, get some drinks and have a great time!

Friday: Head to a concert or cool event!

If you have been thinking about hitting up that concert or going to some other event in the city, you should make the plan to go this weekend! Figure out who is available and where you can get tickets. Check out the deals online and see if you can get a student or group discount.

Ask which friends will be around and plan your trip if it requires travel or where you are going to pre-game if it’s local.

No matter what you do this week, just switch it up! Change your boring routine into something fun by trying something new or doing something different when you “least expect it!”

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