We’ve all seen “that couple” who makes us want to puke up our breakfast because they’re so sickeningly sweet.

You know who I’m talking about – that couple who has completely lost touch with the outside world – and by golly, aren’t they annoying?

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While being in a relationship is a great experience, the line between romantic/cute and obsessive can be easily blurred. Here are some ways to help you stay afloat in your relationship (and to make your friends/family not want to smack you):

1. Needy is scary

Most of us don’t have children – yet. But even if you do have a child, you don’t want to date one. You cannot be in a healthy relationship if you cannot be your own independent person.  If someone really loves you, they want you to be your own person. Basically, do the opposite of whatever Bella Swan in the Twilight series would do (that’s an example of someone who really needs a hobby).

2. Make your own friends

Nothing is more sad than seeing a girl or guy who depends entirely on his or her significant other for social events. It is OK to have your own friends and spend time in different social circles. Besides, there is no relationship police that will swoop down and break the two of you up if you’re not together 24/7.

3. Stick to your goals

It can be very easy in relationships to sit back and let your significant other steer the direction of your lives. However, there is a difference between being supportive of your partner and letting them recklessly follow his or her dreams without giving yours any attention. Remember, your wants and needs are just as important to the relationship, and you should not have to sacrifice absolutely everything for someone else.

4. Find a hobby

As silly as this sounds, finding a hobby can be very beneficial to your personal growth. We all have interests and common pursuits, but think about what makes you happy. Do you like playing with puppies? Then volunteer at your local animal shelter. Crazy about reading? Join a book club. Not only will you have fun, but it’s another way to expand your social circle.

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