Finals are over and the freedom of summer is calling your name. Soon you’ll forget all about the semester. College? Did that actually happen? Did I go to class and learn things?

And so begins the circle of “un-knowledge,” the time when you forget everything you learned. Who needs calculus or chemistry anyway, right? Wrong.

Although summer break provides the opportunity for some much needed rest and relaxation, don’t lose all the information you spent several months learning (or cramming during finals week). You will need it when school starts up again. Promise.

So how do you keep your brain on during the summer? Check out these helpful hints to keep the knowledge:

Tell people about your classes.

Instead of telling your mom about your drunken adventures to McDonalds at 3 a.m., tell her about your classes- what the course covered, interesting facts you remember, how hot your art professor was (maybe not this one…). Tell your grandparents, co-workers, and your dog. The bonus? Repeating the information will help you remember it for next semester. Score!

Stay up-to-date with current events.

After watching “How I Met Your Mother” or “Glee,” stay tuned for the news. All you have to do is watch and listen. Easy, right? You’ll be surprised how much smarter you feel once you’re caught up on current events.


Sudoku, do a crossword, or start an intense (but friendly) game of Scrabble. These activities challenge your brain, without the dullness of reading a textbook. And who doesn’t enjoy beating younger siblings at Scrabble?

Keep your notebooks!

Tempted to throw those notebooks in a bonfire and forget all about history class? STOP! Saving your notes could save you time later when you’re trying to retain information from a previous course.

Have fun!

Summer break is about relaxing- no stress from schoolwork or exams. Relaxing has brain benefits too! So rest up to prepare for the fall semester ahead. You deserve it!

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