Spring is Here: Tips on Preparing for the New Season

Now that it’s officially spring, there are plenty of things you can do to prepare yourself for the onset of this new season.

1. Clean out your winter stuff.

This is a big one—especially in a tiny dorm room where space is crucial.

Whatever you have to do to get rid of all your winter stuff (boots, hats, heavy coats, scarves, gloves, heavy clothing, etc), get on it ASAP. The faster you call your parents or pack up your car, the more space you will have in your dorm and closet for spring clothes and whatever else you like to keep around during the warmer months.


2. Clean out the dust.

One of the biggest things that causes stuffy noses in the winter is all of the pent up germs and dust in the dorms. Because it’s cold out, no one wants to open windows and let in fresh air which can clear out all of the grossness of winter.

Take advantage of the warm weather coming (or even a rainy spring day) and do some cleaning. Get rid of all the dust on the top of shelves, desks and television screens—get rid of the stuff that is making you sick or stuffy.

Open up the windows and let the fresh air in! Can’t seem to get rid of that cold? Try some supplements from eVitamins!

3. Go spring shopping.

Everyone likes shopping for warmer clothes, so why not hit up the mall or stores around campus and check out what’s in this season? Pick up some new bathing suits, flip flops or shorts and feel good about the fact that you will get to wear them very soon.

Haven’t broken into your spring cash yet? Go online to your favorite sites or grab a magazine at the store and flip through the spring fashions so you can at least think about what you’re going to buy for spring.

iPod Playlist

4. Update your spring/summer playlist.

Soon enough you will be partying outside, in the sun and living it up with the windows open in your car, so why not update your iPod with the hottest jams of the season?

You’ll need a new workout mix, playlist for the car or party songs this season so update your playlist with some beachy tracks, fast-paced party music and stuff that will get you pumped up for the warm weather ahead.

Cocktail Party

5. Plan a spring party.

Now that the season is here, why not throw a party to celebrate? Whether you want a small get-together with friends, a pre-game party or a rager, you should pick the date now so it doesn’t interfere with other parties or school functions that may be coming up.

For instance, my birthday is in May right around the time of UConn’s Spring Weekend festivities, but also around the time of final exams. By planning ahead of time, I was able to work in a 21st birthday party during spring weekend to make up for the fact that my birthday was during exams.

Plan ahead and you can get the most out of the spring season!

6. Pick up a plant.

There is nothing more spring festive than a plant for your apartment or dorm so next time you are at the grocery store admiring those spring flowers or cool, leafy plant, just buy it!

Set it up near a window, make sure to water it, and in no time your plant will be blooming and make your space festive for spring.

7. Plan a trip.

Whether it’s the end of the line for you (graduation) or you just want to enjoy being a student while it lasts (Read: before you no longer have the opportunity to take off during the summer), plan a spring/summer trip with your friends.

It doesn’t have to be fancy either; try planning a road trip around the country (or even to one place like Florida, Las Vegas or California) or book a cheap cruise that caters to younger people.

Cant afford something fancy? Check out this 4 Day Mexico Cruise starting at $299!

Save up some dough now so you can afford the trip by the end of the semester and you’ll make some awesome memories that will last forever.


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