Saving Space: 3 Dorm Items to Maximize Your Space

Almost all dorms in colleges are insanely tiny. I remember my first day of college when I walked in and was taken aback by the idea that I’d have to share a tiny little room with someone!


When it comes to arranging your room, sometimes key tricks can create the illusion you’re in a bigger room!

Most people agree that an organized room with less clutter SEEMS bigger. But since you’re living out of this tiny room for almost a year, you’ll need almost all your stuff.

Here are 3 dorm accessories that save space and can help keep your dorm organized, and in turn, seem bigger.

1. Bed Risers

Bed risers lift your bed and creates space underneath to stash stuff. Under the bed is a great place to store stuff that you don’t need in the current season. For instance, a suitcase with your winter clothes, formal clothes that you won’t wear too often and/or rain gear!

It’s also a great storage space for extra pillows/blankets, air mattresses or books you are no longer using.

2. Vertical hanging cubby

Traditionally, these organizers are for shoes, but I found them much more functional than that!

I managed to put my sneakers, flats and flip flops in 3 cubbies, leaving close to 7 to spare!

It’s a great place to stash other items including: socks, shawls, gloves, gym clothes, and hair accessories such as curling irons and straighteners.

Why? Because the cubbies are open and give you direct access to what you need. What’s more, because they’re so small, it’s hard for each cubby to get really messy and hard to find stuff.

3. Drawer Divider

This is super important! The more you put in your drawers, the less you need to store outside. It doesn’t matter if you dedicate one drawer in your chest to school supplies if you need! What matters is you don’t want to leave stuff outside!

A great way to organize your drawers is into insert drawer trays. You can even make this yourself with a piece of cardboard that you cut to divide your drawer in half!

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