Religion in College: How Attending a Parochial College Can Benefit You

During your college search, you may have looked into several different types of schools like art institutes, Ivy Leagues or even technical schools.

But did you ever stop to think that maybe a parochial, or religious school, would be right for you?

Praying in college

Choosing a college is no easy decision; you have to do some extensive research to decide which schools are capable of meeting your needs.

Your school must provide the right balance of pros and cons when it comes to your major, extracurricular activities, tuition and, yes, even religion.

Believe it or not, many students look for schools that are capable of meeting their religious needs.

Not sure how a parochial school can benefit you?

Take a look at the benefits of going to a religious school and decide if it’s the right move for you.

A Spiritual Environment

If you’re looking for a spiritual environment because you’re already spiritual or you’re looking to enhance your spirituality, a parochial college might be right for you.

You’re constantly surrounded by students and staff members who share the same beliefs as you, therefore, they can be of assistance in your spiritual journey.

Having friends within your religious organization will give you a very close support system and you can lean on them during good and bad times. The support will feel just like your family and it may help when you’re feeling homesick or going through difficult times.


Schools that focus on a specific theme mandate students to take specific classes. For instance, students who attend HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges or Universities), are required to take an African-American history class.

Students who attend parochial schools, will most likely have to take religious classes. This can help you to learn and understand your religion so you will better appreciate your religious roots.

Specific Social Atmosphere

Students attending a parochial school are on the same page with the school itself in terms of beliefs. Students won’t feel pressured to ditch a Sunday ritual because “everyone else is doing it, too.” By having others around you who believe the same things you do and take part in the same religious rituals/activities will promote your faith, rather than test it.

Being around like-minded individuals, there will be less pressure to leave your religious practices/rituals behind for fear of being different or teased.

Private Finances

Religious schools are typically private schools meaning they are funded privately in order to keep tuition as low as possible.

This could mean saving your parents or yourself money on tuition, having more money for other things like groceries, living off-campus or spending money on the weekends.

Is a parochial college the right choice for you?

A parochial college may be the right move for you. When you’re looking for colleges to attend next academic year, try throwing in a religious school and see what you do and don’t like about it; you may be pleasantly surprised.

Decide what you are looking for in a school and see if a parochial college can suit your needs; give parochial schools the same consideration you would give to any other university and you could end up very happy.

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