Whether you’re dating online or trying to lure people via Facebook, have you ever considered what your picture says about you? Is there a pose or look that is more inviting than another?

The dating research blog OKTrends (it’s attached to the dating site OKCupid), conducts statistical analysis on their users to see what works and what does not! While their findings are geared toward online dating, it can be generally applied toward profiles in general!

Profile Pictures


Consider their findings before you post your latest picture on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or any other social media/dating platform:

A. Flirt into the camera

The first piece of advice found from the number crunching is that flirting into the camera delivers optimal results. Much like flirting in real life, you want to make eye contact with the person looking at you as opposed to someone else.

Having a nice smile, inviting eyes and an open face will attract more suitors than if you are not smiling, looking away or covering your face in some fashion.

B. Bathroom-Camera shot

Think the self-taken-bathroom-pictures are lame? Think again! In perhaps the single most shocking discovery, the analysis finds that the quintessential “in my bathroom with my camera in front of my mirror” shot illicits the most messages from guys.

So if you have no one to take your picture (or a decent one from Facebook), simply hop into your bathroom, hold up that camera in front of the mirror and shoot away.

C. Cleavage Shot

OkTrends states that the “cleavage shot” is effective in receiving male response, albeit not recommended in online dating. If your sole purpose of online dating and/or social media is to meet men, then perhaps it’s a decent tactic—but don’t be shocked if you get the attention of sleazy men!

That being said, if your Facebook is a networking tool and provides access to friends, co-workers, family and peers, then reconsider putting up this shot as it may appear inappropriate or attract the wrong kind of attention.

D. Location: Body Shot or Outdoor Picture?

The two most popular picture settings (the ones that illicit the most responses) are body shots that reveal cleavage and outdoor pictures.

For girls in their teens and early twenties, the body shot is the most effective with the outdoor shot being the second most popular.

Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, after the mid-twenties, outdoor pictures become the most effective shot with body shots being a close second.

E. Do something interesting

Something interesting in your profile picture leads to more conversations. That can be anything from a travel shot or a picture with an animal.

Take a shot on a motorcycle or at a museum; the point is to distinguish yourself from other people and show your interests, not JUST a picture of your booty or face.

While this analysis was geared toward women on online dating sites, it is also applicable to Facebook. If you’re trying to find a balance on Facebook between family, social life and school/work while meeting people, then avoid the cleavage shot and apply one to three of the other suggestions above: do something interesting, take an outdoor picture, and flirt into the camera.

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