We all have those days when our to-do lists are a mile long and the 24 hours in the day don’t seem like nearly enough time to get it all done.

Between studying, research papers, clubs, lunch with friends, and the five minute errands, the constant stream of things to do piles up and before you know it… You crack.

Currently, I am in the middle of juggling a full course load, three internships, being a youth group leader at my church, a social life, and time with my family.

Between writing for that internship, doing research for another, studying for a test, and figuring out how Kantian ethics works in Situation X, I feel like my head will just fall off.

Needless to say, my stress levels are a bit too high, and I will be following the same advice I give to you in the following paragraphs.

stressed out


Step One: Prioritize

Prioritizing means to put your life in order. What most matters? What is the most important? What do you absolutely NEED to do? Who is important?

Map out your life and decide what needs to be done and what can be done later. Once you sort out what really needs your attention and what doesn’t, you’ll find yourself being a lot more productive.

If you find yourself spending way to much time arguing with a significant other, maybe it’s time you cut him/her from your busy schedule and reserve your once “crazy-argument-time” for yourself.

Step Two: Time Management

Figuring out what you need to do is one task, the next is figuring out how much time needs to be dedicated to each duty.

Plot out approximate time slots for each thing you need to do. By doing this, you will see how you can better organize your day as well as see where you may be making some errors in your daily planning.

Time managing gives you room for error, but also lends itself to giving you a better look at what you will be dealing with on any given day.

Step Three: Plan a “Me Day”

Give yourself one  day a month that is dedicated to you and you only. Do whatever you love to do, whether that is spending time with friends, a significant other, family member or yourself is up to you.

Take yourself out to lunch, go shopping, see a baseball game, go to the movies, stay in your pajamas and eat ice cream all day. Do something that makes you happy, not something that involves running around like a maniac.

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Step Four: DO IT

Don’t sit here and say to yourself “that’s a good idea, I should try that.” No. DO IT.

Do yourself and your sanity a favor and manage your stress. Don’t run yourself ragged when there is an alternative. Give yourself a break and reduce your stress by following these steps in your own life.

Have some follow through with your life!


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