We’ve discussed whether or not it’s okay to spy on your significant other, but now let’s look at things from a different perspective: Is your significant other spying on you?

I think I can speak for most people when I say that even if I’m not hiding anything, I don’t want ANYONE looking through my mail, e-mail, texts or IM’s.

No, I’m not hiding a secret stash of pornography or engaging in a rendezvous with someone, but there is something incredibly unsettling at the thought of someone invading my privacy.

Snooping Girlfriend


Helsper and Whitty (2010) recruited 992 British couples and asked them whether they snoop on each other and found that in 44% of the couples there was AT LEAST one partner who was spying on the other.

If you think girls are the only ones capable of being THAT snoopy, think again: Although 43% of women were sole snoopers, 20% of men were sole snoopers and 37% of couples admitted they spied on each other.

Researchers found the following break down on partners and spying:

10% of couples snooped on each others emails
22% of partners had one email snooper.
10% of couples snooped on each others texts
20% of couples had one text snooper
4% of couples looked through each others browsing history
16% of couples had one partner looking through the browsing history

What can you do to protect yourself?

1. NEVER leave your phone unguarded

This means installing a code or password on your phone so only YOU can gain access to it.

2. NEVER save your password on the computer

Keep your password private and install a security question in order to gain access. You may want to look into getting a computer with a fingerprint scanner.

3. Password protect your texts or delete accordingly

Save your phone, emails or gchat’s to be deleted immediately so they cannot be viewed or have them archived into a password protected folder.

Who said love is easy?

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