Think social networking has no role in your love life? Think again!

OkTrends recently found a correlation between the amount of time a person spends tweeting and the longevity of their relationship.

What did the study find? The more frequently you use Twitter, the shorter your relationships!

While I almost instantly brushed this revelation off as a mere coincidence, it really got me thinking about the average Twitter user. Naaman (2010) found that 20% of Twitter users are informers (people who shared information and replied to other users) and 80% are “meformers” (people who tweeted about themselves).

Generally speaking, we can assume that a “meformer” is two things: an over-sharer and possibly a bit narcissistic; the one who shares what they ate for lunch and divulges every minute detail of their day. It truly takes someone narcissistic to assume that someone ACTUALLY cares about what they eat! And it also takes someone who doesn’t mind airing their dirty laundry (if they can tweet about their feces, they can tweet about your fight)!

Both of these qualities can be extremely irritating and source of friction in a relationship since over sharing can piss a partner off and being narcissistic is, well, annoying.

Take Home Message: Check your girlfriend or boyfriend’s tweeting habits before settling!

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