The new innovation, the iPad, has been leading in the electronic market ever since it was released, and even though there have been plenty of efforts to make something similar or even better, the iPad still dominates.

Although it seems like the iPad didn’t even get the chance to breathe before rumors of the creation of the iPad2 came running right after it.

The rumor was that the second version of the iPad was supposed to come out during the holidays, but that date was postponed. Now the prospective release date is sometime this year.

The improvements for the new iPad are features that Apple fans will drool over.


The special features are said to be things such as: smaller size, better screen resolution, a video camera and a better working style of the Apple application FaceTime.

There are supposedly over half a million iPad2’s sold upon the release. The price for it has not been set yet, but it probably won’t be much cheaper than the price of the first iPad.

This tablet PC has shaken the world of technology in a good way, but the iPad2 is sure to chart the richter scales of the technology world when it hits shelves this year.

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