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So you’ve decided to be a fashion intern but no one seems to understand why you’re choosing to work for free. Trust me- I’ve been there. While my friends were making money I was organizing racks of clothes. My very supportive parents started questioning when it was going to pay off. Oh and let’s not forget my grandmother who called every week to see if I was hired yet. If you’re having a difficult time defending your decision or need a little reassurance, here’s why you need to be a fashion intern:

  • Real life experience:
    School can only teach you so much & there are some lessons you can only learn while on the job.
  • Network:
    Who you know is crucial. The contacts you make will help further your career.
  • Decide career path:
    Interning helps you see whether this is the right career or if you’d be better suited elsewhere. Example: I started as a design intern but after a couple internships I could tell designing wasn’t my passion. After interning in fashion PR I knew it was the perfect fit.
  • Career Advantage:
    By the time you graduate you will already have years of experience in your field.
  • Potential Hire:
    By interning you’ll already have your foot in the door at the company; making you a prime candidate when a position opens up.

While others may not understand your decision, just know that you are seeing the big picture. A little free labor now can result in your dream career!

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