So you and your friends are single this Valentine’s Day, but you know better than to mope around crying over your singledom, you want to celebrate it!

Whether you celebrate this weekend or on Monday, you need to do something to counter all of the love in the air. Why sit around doing nothing just because your coupled friends are out having fun?

So what do a bunch of friends do together on a day when you’re supposed to be with a special someone? Get some great recipes, throw together an awesome playlist, pre-game and then go out!

Recipe 1: Cherry Bomb Mixed Drink (Serves 1, multiply ingredients for more people)

This is the drink that will get your party started. Make as a pre-game drink for some party fun, serve as the main drink for party-goers who are staying put or serve one up for yourself before heading out.

– 1-2 oz. Silver Rum (I like Bacardi)

– 1-2 oz. Cherry Vodka (Smirnoff works great)

– 1 oz. Maraschino Cherry Juice & Cherries

– Splash of Champagne or Ginger ale

How to Make it:

If you want to make this drink extra special, I would recommend soaking the cherries over night in vodka, but if that isn’t an option, plain will do just fine.

Start with the liquor; fill up an ice-filled glass with your rum and cherry vodka. Pour in a splash of Maraschino cherry juice and top off with either champagne or Ginger ale, depending on your preference.

Cherry bomb jello shot recipe

Jello Shot Recipe:

Want to turn this party from mixed to solid?

Go for the Cherry Bomb Jello Shot recipe to turn your Valentine’s Day get-together into a real party! Click on the link above for directions.

– Package of Black Cherry Jello

– 2 Cups of Water

– 1 Cup Cherry Vodka

– 1 Can Red Bull

Hookup an awesome playlist

Take some time to put together the ultimate “love stinks” (or just regular party music) mix to celebrate the freedom of you and your friends.

Don’t wallow over your pals who are out slow dancing, enjoy the fact that you can blast bad music as loud as you want and dance with whoever you please.

Turn your dorm or apartment into a dance floor by moving all of your furniture and breaking out some cool lights. Make sure to get some quality speakers from a friend if you don’t have any yourself.

Head on out

While there’s nothing wrong with hanging out with your friends all night in the dorm or apartment, you should get out on the town and maybe meet some new friends or “someone special.”

It is Valentine’s Day after all, so why not put yourself out there, ask someone to dance (or buy them a drink) and see where the night takes you?

If you just want to make it all about your friends, then head out anyway to a party or wherever you can talk, dance or have fun together!

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