How Facebook Timeline Could Enhance Your Collegiate Experience

OK, so I think it’s a universal agreement that Facebook’s upcoming Timeline interface is going to be pretty epic. There’s no denying that.

The changes should be available to everyone in the upcoming weeks, so try to contain your excitement!

If you aren’t excited (or are kind of pissed off about the situation), here’s some reasons how Timeline could enhance your collegiate experience.

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It keeps memories

Often times, when you’re in college, the days and weeks can all blend together. All of a sudden, a month goes by, and you can’t remember what you have spent your time doing. With Timeline, you’ll be able to keep track in a visually appealing way. You’ll be able to see the party pics you posted from two months ago — and even the ones from four months ago — in chronological order. It’s like having your own personalized yearbook.

You can keep in touch

The Timeline interface helps you keep in touch with friends in a more interactive way. You can go onto someone’s profile and see what they’ve been up to. If they allow their application settings to be as such, you can see what they’re watching or reading around the Web. Though that may sound creepy, I think if used appropriately, it can be a great way to gather news about what’s going on around the world by logging into one website.

Express yourself

For the first time EVER, you’ll have some actual control about the design and layout of your Facebook profile. You’ll be able to decide what goes into the huge horizontal image at the top and how much information you want displayed. Finally, Facebook is catching onto the fact that we want to be able to express ourselves through our pages! Hooray!

Of course, with great things, there are also cons. Everything isn’t always as great as it seems.

Tune in to see my next blog about the possible disadvantages of Facebook Timeline.

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