Being there for a friend means hours of endless conversations, pouring of minuscule details of their life and always being willing to listen to their problems. While all that comes with the territory of friendship, there are times where you just want to get off the phone.

Is there a delicate way to say “ugh I’ve had enough, good night?” You betcha!

A. Set a limit

If you know the conversation will run long, always set a time limit. Say you only have 20 minutes at the start of the conversation so once 20-25 minutes are up, it won’t sound abrupt to say “ahh I’m so sorry.”

B. Offer an alternative

If you feel that hanging up on a friend seems like you’re deserting him/her, then offer an alternative. Apologize for having to hang up and tell him/her they can give you an email.


Sleep is the best excuse you can offer a friend. Apologize profusely for having to head to bed and say that you’re dozing off because you’ve been sleep deprived. While you’re at it, mention that you’re not able to focus and want to give your friend a hundred percent.

All that being said, a delicate white lie is the best alternative. Be honest and sincere and say that you’re really sorry that you have to go and offer an explanation. While lying WHY you have to go may seem unethical, in the end of the day it spares your friend’s feelings!


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