We all stand by some type of belief whether it’s Christianity, Islam, Judaism, or even atheism. However, for many college students, college may be the first time they’ve encountered different world views that may challenge their beliefs.



It’s normal to encounter an array of students with different beliefs in college, but depending on their beliefs or religion, some students may feel disconnected from their peers on campus.

Sometimes, this disconnection may drive some students to change their faith for the sake of fitting in. Yet, some students see college as a time for self-discovery as well as defining their own spirituality.

Having Second Thoughts About Your Faith?

If you’re thinking about changing your beliefs, remember to do it for the right reasons and that you’re proud of what you believe in.

Many students change their beliefs in college, but avoid telling their parents for fear of being disowned or serious disproval.

Something that many people forget is that they came into this world alone and that they are going out alone. If you truly believe in something, then stand by your beliefs and understand why you believe what you believe in.

As far as your parents are concerned, if changing your faith creates some type of tension between you guys, then seriously talk to them. The least you can do is sit them down and explain to them why you chose the path you’ve chosen.

Need Help Preserving Your Faith?

As mentioned, many students change their beliefs for the sake of fitting in. Take the time you have in college to stand up for what you believe in. Do some research, check out various religious organizations, talk to some pastors, and get informed!

Here’s some tips you can try to help you feel comfortable about your faith in college:

Start an Organization

One of the easiest ways to find people who are just like you is to start a club or an organization on your campus that involves people of your faith. Use this as a support group or a subculture on-campus for students seeking people of the same beliefs.

Find a Place of Worship

Whether you pray in a church, a temple or wherever, just find a place to worship. A place of worship that includes people like you who can help to strengthen your faith and provide comfort when you are feeling doubt.

Just Worship

Dedicate some time out of your day to worship or pray. Believe from your heart not from what’s popular and you’ll learn to accept yourself and your beliefs.

You don’t have to change who you are in college just to blend in. It’s okay to explore your spirituality and if you find that it doesn’t fit you, make sure you find something that does. Study, research, ask the right questions, and make sure it’s right for you.

It’s healthy to believe in something. It’s one of those things that drives us as human beings.

Live long and prosper!

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