Facebook Rumor Sends Users On A Frenzy!

Facebook is shutting down!

Calm down, kiddies. It’s not certain how this rumor came about, but it’s clear that it’s spreading like wildfire.

Indications on Google and Twitter say that on March 15, 2011, Facebook will be shutting down. Rumors have noted that Mark Zuckerberg has proclaimed that Facebook has become too stressful and overwhelming and that he just wants his life back.


With all the ranting and raving about Facebook shutting down, it goes to show how attached people are to the social network.

A lot of individuals revolve their lives around Facebook. Many of them are seriously  concerned. One person posted, “what am I going to do without Facebook?! Is there anyway to stop this?!?!”

While others are actually pretty relieved stating, “I’m actually glad Facebook is shutting down. Maybe now people will do something constructive with their time.”

With the idea of Facebook shutting down on a lot of people’s minds, from a business perspective, you kind of have to ask yourself, “Does it really make sense to terminate Facebook?”

With 500 million users and a $500 million investment, it makes more sense for Facebook to be sold than to be shut down permanently.

Life B.F. (Before Facebook)

Whether the rumors are true or not, people shouldn’t be devoting so much time to the popular social network, anyway. I’m not saying that we should backtrack to the stone age, but life B.F. still existed and, for the most part, we functioned just fine.

Here’re some things you can do (again) other than surf through random profiles of people you just saw 15 minutes ago:

Go outside.

Go somewhere, anywhere! Take a trip to the park or to a restaurant you’ve been longing to go to. Just don’t stay in the house.

Find a hobby.

Do something you enjoy doing or better yet, try something you’ve never done before. You can learn how to play an instrument or try cooking some new recipes.


For the most part, we can all use a little workout just to stay healthy and in shape. Head to the gym or go for a run.

Play games.

No, not electronic games. Remember Monopoly, Dominoes, card games? Once you and your friends really get into it, it’s pretty entertaining. And look, you’re actually interacting with you’re friends face to face.


College students are always griping about how tired they are and that they never get enough sleep. The hours you spend on Facebook could be spent taking a nap. Maybe you’ll be more refreshed throughout the day.

But if you really have to be on the computer . . .

at least surf the net for something mind provoking. Educate yourself because there’s plenty of knowledge out there that your teachers aren’t teaching you.

So, if you’re really worried about Facebook shutting down, I suggest you remove all your pictures and notes that hold meaning to you because once Facebook is gone . . . it’s gone!

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