Explore the World: Go Abroad While You Can

Traveling to Germany this past month was one of the best experiences of my life.

Although I had to fly out the day after my college graduation, which was pretty stressful, I’m so thankful I decided to stick with it.

You learn so much about the world and yourself when you explore a new country and culture – an experience you can’t get by staying in the U.S.

A group of us in Salzburg, Austria.

Before I decided to go on the trip, I didn’t think studying abroad was for me. I was too broke, too busy and too scared to even consider traveling in college.

Are you considering going abroad? Here’s some misconceptions I (hopefully) can clear up for you:

#1 It’s Too Expensive

Yes, the flight does cost money and depending on where you go, the American dollar is worth less, but most of the time, you can find programs where you would be paying an equal amount for tuition. There are loans and scholarships available through your school that you can also look into for financing your trip. If you have to, get a part-time job the semester before you leave to save up some spending money.

#2 A Semester is Too Long

There are many different programs you can choose from – don’t feel obligated to stay somewhere for a whole semester. The program I just completed was only two weeks long, which was a time period I felt comfortable with. Figure out what length of time makes you the most comfortable and narrow your search based on that.

#3 I’ll Go Later

There’s no better time than the present! After you graduate college, (if you’re lucky enough to find a job) you’ll have to go into the real world with a job and start paying back your loans. Why not go now? Stop making excuses and seek out information about the programs your school offers. You won’t regret it.

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